How to read the API documentation    

This article gives you a short overview on how to read the ajaxed API.

ajaxed is structured into classes. Therefore this document contains all classes and its corresponding documentation.

Whenever we talk about "loading a class" we refer to the process of including the asp file (which contains the class) into your source file. Its recommended to do it by an absolute path notation:

All classes are placed within the ajaxed folder. Each class has its own folder named after the class and prefixed with class_. This folder then contains the actual class source file which is named exactly like the class and has the extension .asp
Let's say we have the class Datatable then the path would be /ajaxed/class_datatable/datatable.asp

Each class may contain a class description, its methods, its properties, some meta information and initializations:
Whenever a clas member has a line through its name it means that the member is obsolete and should not be used anymore. Refer to the member description for further details then.

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