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Here are the notes from the changelog regarding changes from version 1.0 to
version 2.0. Usually some days after the release there will be a news which explains all the new features in more detail. Thanks everyone for participation.

Detailed article about version 2.0


Changelog ajaxed version 2.0

  • added a StringBuilder component which speeds up the common string concatenation.
  • its possible to override config vars for each environment.
  • database class
  • added a lib.require method which allows us to do a check if a given class has been included. if not a friendly error is shown
  • friendly error raised when ajaxed.callback is used but no callback() is defined on server side
  • ajaxed.callback supports page-parts now:
    it possible get page content back on callback and update a container with it.
    example: lets say we have a DIV container with ID 'c' and want to load some html from the server into it
    this is also possible now with ajaxed.callback:
    e.g. ajaxed.callback('partname', 'c') will load a sub called "pagePart_partname()" and put its content
    into the element with the ID 'c'. if no sub found with that name then it acts like a normal callback.
  • added a Dropdown control.
  • str.HTMLEncode() is now a default function so its quicker to use in your views. use it to prevent XSS attacks!
  • str.humanize() added. it makes "computer" strings more "human" readable
  • Validator class added. It helps validating business objects!
  • AjaxedPage.RFA() method added. It gets arrays from the request.form collection
  • logger deactivated by default
  • JSON:
  • DataContainer class added
  • Localization class introduced
  • added str.writef() function which is a combination of write() and format()
  • AjaxedPage.headerFooter property introduced to allow adding custom headers.
  • added lib.requestURL() to easily request urls with IServerXMLHTTPRequest
  • added AjaxedPage.QFP() and AjaxedPage.RFP() methods to get values and parse them in on go.
  • added lib.arrayize() which ensures a value to be an array.
  • introduced optionsHash which can be seen as an own ajaxed datatype.
  • lib.newDict() got an alias ["D"] => create dictionaries only with: set d = ["D"](empty)
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